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Monday, November 19, 2012

Blood Drive Dedicated to Kay Frels
This article was published in the Jackson-County Herald on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 

As we get into the holiday season, several local entities want to make sure there is an opportunity to give thanks by giving.

“Thanks for Giving,” a community blood drive will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 21 at the Brackenridge Main Event Center, hosted by Lavaca-Navidad River Authority, Jackson Electric Cooperative, Edna Rotary Club, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, and the First United Methodist Church of Edna.

“November, December and January are very tight times for area hospitals that count on the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center for their blood supply,” said Roy Griffin, general manager of Jackson Electric Cooperative. “With the holiday rush, potential donors can be too busy to drop in for their normal donation.”
In the past, JEC has held a blood drive at its offices on the day before Thanksgiving.

"The day before any major holiday is a very non-productive time so we “bribe” our potential donors by allowing them time off on that day after they donate,” he said. 

Griffin and the other sponsors hope by holding the blood drive on the day before Thanksgiving to encourage many in the community to take time to donate blood before the holiday.

JEC’s blood drive often produced 25 to 30 units of blood, according to Griffin. By opening the drive to the community and holding it at the BRC, his goal is to collect up to 200 units.

Those who have benefited from blood donations in the past are invited to drop by and thank the donors. Those who are unable to give for medical reasons or otherwise are also encouraged to go and express their gratitude.

“We are also asking groups in the community to bring cookies and other treats as an expression of thanks for those who give,” Griffin added.

This year the blood drive is dedicated to Kay Frels, a beloved member of the community and employee of JEC who died unexpectedly earlier this year. Frels coordinated the drives and JEC and worked with LNRA on its drives.

“She represented what we wish to acknowledge with this drive,” Griffin said. Future drives will honor other active donors, he added.

Donors may show up between 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. or schedule their donation by calling Missie Landry at 771-4425 or 782-7193.

Monday, November 12, 2012

By Paul Harrison, Staff Writer, Jackson County Herald-Tribune

            What impact does one life make? Kay Frels passed away this past May, having touched lives just being herself, and among those she touched and changed were a trio of women brought together by an echo of her impact on their lives. Jennifer Storz, Tyanne Rakowitz and Monica Bard are now reaching out to the entire Gulf Coast and Crossroads area women the way they were reached by Kay.
            The ladies formed God’s GALS - Growing And Learning Servants of Christ - and are holding a kick-off ministry event, a women’s escape in Wharton Nov. 2-3.
            “Known to God, but not to us, Kay had planted and watered seeds in all three of us,” said Bard.
            “Frels’ passing gave clarity,” said Storz. “Tyanne and I both had stirrings of the spirit of doing something, but weren’t sure what direction.”
            “Women need encouragement as never before in today’s society,” said Rakowitz. “So, our emphasis is to reach out to all women, in all seasons of life.”
            By putting the conference in Wharton, they are hoping God’s GALS reaches as wide an area as possible.
            “We hope to offer opportunities to do things online as well as face to face,” said Storz. “We find there are not that many opportunities for women in rural communities to come together for retreats.”
            Usually, travel becomes an issue with retreats in Houston  or Austin, and small children and elderly parents have to be taken into consideration, points out Rakowitz.
            “It’s the need we see that needs to be met (in this area),” Storz said of starting with an area-wide scope. “It’s different when it’s just one person trying to do something large-scale, but the three of us are very connected to the community in our three separate towns. In addition to hopefully growing our board and bringing in more interest, we have the support in place to at least get started.”
            The escape is only the leading edge of what they hope to get started, with considerations for Bible studies, classes on home organization, finances and balancing priorities and a prayer group, depending on feedback from the conference. 
            “Sometimes you have to think big and go out of your comfort zone in order to really make things happen,” smiled Storz.
            “We’ve worked on different aspects going on during the retreat itself,” said Rakowitz. “It’s fellowship and fun, but still feeling His presence and just connecting with other Christian women. I don’t think women do that enough. We put ourselves on the back burner, especially moms. Everything comes in front of ourselves.
            “We feel like this is an opportunity for people to step away from the busy-ness of their lives and just be in His presence.”
            The gals of God’s GALS say they’ve felt God’s hand in the planning and set up of the retreat.
            “Of course it takes hard work and creativity and a commitment of time for each other and for our families, but all in all it’s been a smooth process,” said Storz. “All of our resources, everything we’ve needed has just come together.”
            All of it has been about coming together, starting with Kay Frels.
            “In her daily life, she had character and integrity and it showed,” Rakowitz grinned. “She wasn’t afraid to go up to someone she may not know and share God’s word with them.
            “Proverbs 31 that was read at her funeral brought tears to my eyes because that is the woman I worked so hard to be. She was that woman.”
            To sign up or volunteer for God’s GALS, visit their website at www.godsgals.org, email info@godsgals.org or look them up on Facebook. Retreat registration forms are also available at the Jackson County Herald-Tribune.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Facebook Post by Stefanie Toole on May 1, 2012

What an honor it was to know Kay and have her as an 

example to follow! Can't you hear Jesus tell her, "well done, 

my good and faithful servant."  This was posted to the 

Crossroads 4th Day Group Facebook page the day that Kay 

passed away

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Influence of a Person's Life by Mary Bailey

The influence of a person’s life goes far beyond their lifetime!  In my experience, I have had many people who have come and gone, but yet my life is still impacted by the seeds that were sown into my heart! I would like to mention a very dear precious friend, Kay Frels, who I met in June of 2011. I didn’t get to know her very long before she went to be with her Heavenly Father in May of 2012. But the time I did know her, I can honestly say, that my life will never be the same! The influence that she had on me was such an inspiration to me, that it caused me to examine myself, and to see who I really was in God, and what purpose my life was meant to be lived for! I found out that God’s plan for my life was something far greater than anything I ever dreamed of! I knew that God had something very special for me to do, before I met Kay, but it wasn’t until I got to know her, that she instilled within me, not only a greater passion and desire for the Lord, but a confidence in pursuing God’s plan for my life! I can honestly say, I had a privilege of knowing Kay, that many people don’t have; and because of that, my life will never be the same! What I mean by that is, the impact she had on my life has affected me for eternity! 

I would like to share with you some of the fruit that has taken place in my life, because of the impact she had on me! Though she never got to see any of these things, I still believe that her life is influencing others, including myself, for years to come! For years now I have always dreamed of being in front of people sharing the good news of Jesus Christ! I would have dreams at night where I saw multitudes of people that were in need of someone to share with them the Gospel! How I longed to just encourage someone with an answer to their needs! If people were hurting, I wanted to pray for them! If people were sick, how I longed to see those people receive healing in their body. What ever it was, I just wanted to be a vessel that would be poured out to be a soothing balm in their life! With a lot of prayer, a portion of that dream came about this past weekend, and was inspired by the seeds that she sowed into my life! About 3 or 4 months ago, the Lord began to deal with me about having a women’s conference at our church! As I prayed about it and sought the Lord, He began to show me in my mind how it was all going to fall into place, and I felt like the Lord wanted me to pursue this! So I approached my Pastor’s wife, Sister Peggy Murff, and I told her of the vision that I had to have the women’s conference. Immediately she was in agreement with me. So we planned it all out. This past weekend we had our conference, and I have to say it was ordained of God. The music was anointed, and so were the messages that were brought forth! It was followed by some real good altar time seeking the Lord! Many lives were touched. Many were encouraged. All because someone, like Kay was willing to be used of the Lord to touch others. And because I had the privilege of being blessed by her ministry, I wanted to be a blessing to someone else! I would like to share with you a poem that was written by Sister Peggy’s sister, entitled “The Woman’s Destiny.” If ever there was someone who inspired me to walk in the destiny and purpose that God had for me it was Kay Frels!

                                       “The Woman’s Destiny”

Just as the angel said to Mary,
You are blessed and highly favored;
You are destined to be the bearer
Of God’s own Son, our Lord and Saviour.

He told of things ‘twould break her heart;
And on all these things she pondered.
Be it unto me, she replied from the start;
I’ll humbly carry God’s Awesome Wonder.

So God would speak to you today,
You, too, are His well-favored daughter.
Though there may be bumps along the way,
Your destined pathway has long been chartered.

The Bible itself, God’s own written Word
Is your personal roadmap for your destination.
Provision is made from our wonderful Lord
For unending fresh oil from His re-filling station.

Walking this journey as a woman of God,
Tuned in and focused only on His Attraction,
With preparation of gospel, and feet truly shod,
Empowered to kick aside all worldly distractions.

When on this path sometimes you fall,
And often you’re filled with awful uncertainty,
Remember you’re His; He’s awaiting your call.
For in you He instilled- His Woman’s Destiny.

                             By Karen Ryman